Paper Submission

If you have been notified that you have been invited to submit a full paper, you can find all the relevant information here.

Download the template

Download the paper formatting guide

(1) The paper must be prepared using the template that can be downloaded above. Please note that this file is called proeng_template.docm but some web browsers may add ".txt" to the file name, which should be removed. The template has been supplied to us by Elsevier with some embedded Macros which are intended to help maintain a constant format. However, once you start to insert your own text into the template, you should save it in .doc or .docx format.  We will only be able to consider papers that conform strictly to the template provided and are within the six-page limit. 

(2) Once your paper is ready for submission, please also convert it to pdf format. We must have both Word and pdf versions of your paper to be able to proceed with the review process. This is a requirement placed on us by Elsevier to do with their Procedia service.

(3) When you are ready to upload your completed paper, and not later than 1st March, you will need to visit . Click the link "Upload paper" and from the drop-down menu select "Upload Paper in Word". Now enter your submission ID (found in the title of this email) and the password you used when you submitted the abstract, choose the file to upload from your computer, choose ".doc" or ".docx" formats and press "Upload". A message confirms your upload BUT you have not finished yet! You must now return to the Home menu, and repeat this process for the pdf version of the paper. Thank you for your patience with this slightly clumsy system. If you need to revise your paper before the deadline, simply repeat the upload process described here, and the earlier version will be replaced.

(4) If you have changed the abstract of your paper, or any author details, please return to and click on "Edit submission". Having entered your submission ID and password again, you will be able to edit the details you provided on first submitting the paper.

All papers submitted on time and in the correct format will be sent out for review by the International Scientific Committee, and we hope to have their comments back to you by 8th April 2017.  If you are asked to revise your paper, we will ask you to upload a revised version, and a response to reviewers, no later than 30th April 2017.  Final paper acceptance will depend on a satisfactory response to reviewers and payment of one unique registration for each paper or poster presented at the Conference.

Finally, we are keen to stimulate high quality discussion in the paper sessions at the conference. Having read all of the abstracts, we have re-organised the "topics" by which papers are classified, assigning just one topic to each paper. These topics will be the basis on which we organise the sessions at the conference.