Plenary speakers

Professor Jianguo Lin

Abstract: HFQ®-Aluminium: Experimentation, modelling and application for stamping lightweight, complex-shaped, high strength panel structures

A novel forming technology, Heat treating, Forming and in-die Quenching (HFQ®), has been developed for producing lightweight,...

Michael Ward

Abstract: Reshaping metalforming for the future: challenges, possibilities, potential

The pace of change in manufacturing process technology in the early twenty first century is unprecedented.  This, coupled with the rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape and increased...

Sanjeev Gupta

Sanjeev was unable to attend the conference and so his colleague Mr Douglas Dawson attended in his place, witth Mr Gupta appearing by video.

Professor Jian Cao

Abstract: The Art and Science of Flexible Sheet Metal Forming 

How human being utilizes metal tools was once one of the key criteria in assessing the degree of civilization. Today, metal products are at every corner of our life, from art decoration to zillions of ...

Professor Zhigang Wang

Abstract: Recent advances in process tribology – From science to technology

Nowadays, the theory of friction between flat metal surfaces is known as the adhesion theory proposed by Bowden and Tabor around 1950. The fundamentals of friction in metal forming processes have...

Professor Dr Peter Groche

Abstract: The challenge of total flexibility in metal forming

Flexibility in its different realizations enables metal forming technologies to cope with varying uncertainties. It is of vital interest in cases when companies are faced with fluctuating product programs,...

Professor Glenn Daehn

Abstract: Impulse Manufacturing: Why and How

Metal forming has traditionally been carried out with very large tools on even larger presses that move relatively slowly, so that metal that being shaped is in static equilibrium.  There are a number of old and emerging...

Professor Tony Atkins

Abstract: The importance of toughness

In forming, the yield strength (k, Pa) of the material being worked determines how easy or difficult it is to achieve permanent deformation and hence the size of equipment required to do the job. The ductility...

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