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Read more at: Future Car Bodies: TATA Steel Europe

Future Car Bodies: TATA Steel Europe

In pursuit of automotive light-weighting there has been a strong debate about whether one material is better than another. Each material-producing industry argues strongly for its own solution. However, different components in the vehicle have different performance requirements which, in addition to weight, include strength, stiffness and formability. In addition, a good solution must be manufacturable, affordable, globally available and compatible with future environmental sustainability.

Read more at: Non-ferrous Rolling: Primetals Technologies

Non-ferrous Rolling: Primetals Technologies

Integrated model based control systems are an essential part of modern plant operations. The production requirements have evolved from achieving geometric tolerances to becoming a large, flexible, but accurate metallurgical instrument. Process and microstructure monitoring systems have been realised for many years on hot strip mills and with advanced on-line systems and tailored production routes there is a relatively comfortable process window in modern steel manufacture.

Read more at: Metal Forming and Sustainability: ArcelorMittal

Metal Forming and Sustainability: ArcelorMittal

At first glance, metal forming seems to have only a weak link to the goals of environmental sustainability: the energy used to power metal forming equipment is only a small part of the industrial total, and the fluids used to cool and lubricate processes are generally well controlled. The main environmental impacts of the metals industries clearly rise from the original production of the metal from ore and these metallurgical processes are highly optimised.

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