Future Car Bodies: TATA Steel Europe

In pursuit of automotive light-weighting there has been a strong debate about whether one material is better than another. Each material-producing industry argues strongly for its own solution. However, different components in the vehicle have different performance requirements which, in addition to weight, include strength, stiffness and formability. In addition, a good solution must be manufacturable, affordable, globally available and compatible with future environmental sustainability. It is unlikely that any single-material solution will provide the optimal combination of all these characteristics.
This workshop therefore aims to explore the opportunities to combine materials to create efficient solutions. For Tata Steel Europe, it is vital to identify the best uses of steel in combination with other materials, whether through component combinations, material lamination or the design of composite elements. The aim of the workshop is to examine the options for solutions with steel rather than comparing steel with other single materials.

Kevin Edgar, Director OEM Automotive Sales, Tata Steel Europe
Professor Wolfram Volk, Chair of Metal Forming and Casting, TU Munich
Professor Dong-Yol Yang, Chaired Professor, Guangju Institute of Technology
Professor Sergey Golovashchenko, Director, Center of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, Oakland University

Briefing Note: